The Before

As mentioned before, the ranch as we sometimes call it, was a bit of a mess when we bought the place. Below are some photos to help illustrate the what we're working with.

front 1.jpg

The exterior featured an overwhelming amount of brown with a hint of craftsman charm. We also refer to our house as Browntown, USA.


the atrium is amazing

but in terrible shape! The pavers were splitting and there were rusty nails everywhere.


We tried to save the hibiscus but it was so ant-infested and diseased 😢🌺


We loved the main living area, but there was a lot that had to go—the fireplace insert, everything fabric and the sunburnt stains on the mahogany paneling to name a few. But the ceilings!!! We felt SO LUCKY to have found an Eichler with original ceilings that hadn't been painted over, The warm-grey is the perfect color. My life goal now to try to restore the damaged areas on the eaves and ensure that they never see a speck of paint. Also, this house came with all of its original globe lights. Major score!

The kitchen is enormous and has a laundry room is right off to the side which is fantastic, but otherwise the kitchen is very dysfunctional for us. The layout and lack of storage is difficult for day-to-day and the counters were built extra high to accommodate the previous owner's height. There were tons of knick-knacks left behind by the owner and it's been fun learning about their family and the house's history before us. 

BR 1.jpg

The bedrooms are very plain, they'll need new drywall, some insulation and new doors. Our ensuite bathroom needs a full renovation, can't wait to pick out some cool tile for it! Both bathrooms need work, but the hallway bath will have to exist with a new coat of paint and some minor accessory updates for the time being.

All of the yards are going to be the biggest and most expensive projects we'll face. We wanted a big backyard for our dogs, but ended up with 5 good-sized yards that need WORK! The exterior also has some extensive water damage and dry-rot, so siding replacement is high on the list of projects. We've torn out most of the bushes, but still have a long way to go in terms of a french drain system, new patio and fence replacement. A pool is on the wishlist day! So far, we've dug up root balls, got rid of 15+ planters, removed ~6 billion pavers, scooped a side yard's supply of tanbark, removed a sharp/rocky water feature and built a dog run!

Here's a mirrored version of our floorplan

Here's a mirrored version of our floorplan

File_000 (7).jpeg

stay tuned 

more to come!