Operation White Band-Aid

June 21 marked our one year #eichlerversary and although we've owned the ranch for a whole year (what and how?!) we've only lived in it since November due to some of our bigger (mostly flooring-related) projects. We are still getting to know our house and trying to prioritize projects in a way that helps us achieve our long-term goals without going on a cup-of-noodle diet for the rest of the year. We originally planned to completely remodel the hallway bathroom this year with brand new everything and re-installing an exterior door that once existed and replacing our crooked and not-so-private gigantic vinyl window with a small privacy window adjacent to the door like it was originally designed. This is the mood board we made for it:

Hall Bath Moodboard

However, it is in decent condition and with the master bath practically crumbling, we decided to save a remodel for a better time and put a band-aid on the hallway bath for now (hence the name of this project/post). Here's a look at the before:

Yep, that's a piece of cardboard acting like a shim. 

Yep, that's a piece of cardboard acting like a shim. 

It was bad. The green vanity was bad. The floor was gross. The toilet rocked if you sat on it too hard. The toilet lid was a nice shade of chainsmokers white. We also repaired the radiant heating and re-did the floors before we moved in, so our toilet was hanging off of a cliff for a while, this bathroom has been through A LOT. 

In installments we slowly swapped out the vanity, then the light, and got a new toilet seat and lid (which surprisingly makes a big difference) and finally installed the mirror and shelves. We also decided to switch up our original plan and opt for a new inset medicine cabinet mirror with more storage. We got one by Kohler and love the look, although it was kindof a pain to install since the studs are doubled up and we had to move our vanity light over to make it line-up better. 


I ended up rage painting the bathroom Behr's falling snow which we also have in our living/dining room and will likely paint all interior walls to match. It's a great neutral white that really helps reflect all the natural light we get and makes the house so much brighter. Paul did all the Heavy lifting on this one, props to Paul for being a handy dude 


We are pretty happy with how it turned out and think we'll continue to enjoy it until we can afford a remodel! Next we are going to apply some privacy film over the windows and hopefully get to some backyard projects soon to improve that view...


Such a better view when walking down the hall! It looks clean and fresh now. We struggled a bit with the idea that the white would be too sterile (especially because we want to paint all of the walls white) but decided to beige it up with the accessories to add a bit of warmth and play off the floor color, what do you think?


We got pretty crafty with the toilet paper holder and spray painted it white. We bought most of the stuff for this one, but would have liked to re-purpose more if we could have. We'll get a fancy silver Moen faucet when we come back to this project to balance things a little better. I love the shelves from etsy we ended up having custom fabricated, they look almost identical to these from schoolhouse electric but without the brass screws and much more affordable! Perfect for my hoards of plants! 


Onto the next one...