We've finally done it, the blog is here! Like our house, this will be a work in progress where we'll share our adventures in restoring our Eichler, plans for decorating and everything in between. We have a lot to share and to are excited to begin by populating this blog with details of the past eleven months of owning our home! How did time go by so fast 😱? We're coming up quick on our first #eichlerversary. 

To give a bit of background, we closed on our 1963 Claude Oakland Eichler on a 102ΒΊ day in June 2017. The previous owner lived in the home since the 70s and raised his family there. However due to old age and medical issues, he wasn't able to best maintain the home toward the end. There were old drapes, stained carpet (with asbestos tiles underneath), an overgrown yard, wood rot, a falling fence and a whole laundry list of items that needed to be addressed. But nevertheless, the bones were there and although some design choices from the 90s made it tough to look past, we were certain that this house was the one. 

Since last June, we've repaired the radiant heating system, torn out the floors to expose and polish the concrete (which we love), removed about 9 billion bushes and ripped out the smelly drapes...that was a good day. We did most of the work during the summer with no AC, which can be particularly brutal in Concord, but it really paid off! We were able to avoid losing our dogs in one of the bushes and thoroughly enjoyed the radiant heat by the time we were able to move in in November PLUS I'm pretty sure we burned a zillion calories. Unfortunately, we didn't have a budget for re-drywalling and insulating while the house was vacant, so that will be one of the projects that we will torture ourselves with this summer! Stay tuned for Drywalling in Hell Season 1 (they don't call it Rancho Del Diablo for nothin')!

We hope you'll follow along and enjoy the fun!

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